Our Alpacas

We like to limit our herd size to ensure we can get to know each of our alpacas by name and character, so must sell some this year to make way for new arrivals. We offer a wide choice of colours at reasonable prices, all backed up with ongoing support and advice.

We are fortunate to be in a part of the country that is currently free of the bovine TB that is a serious problem in other areas – a good reason to choose your alpacas from Suffolk.

Alpacas for sale

We have a few alpacas available to sell each year, with prices ranging from £500 to £4000.

Prospective buyers are welcome to arrange to visit us to see our alpacas and learn more about their upkeep. We also offer as much hands-on, practical instruction and future support as possible to anyone reserving alpacas from Willowmead.

Call 01473 738212 to enquire, or contact us online.

Willowmead is a small family farm running a herd of 34 alpacas in the Suffolk countryside. We have been breeding alpacas for ten years, concentrating just as much on health and character of the animals as on the fineness of their fleece.

Curent alpacas offers

Selected groups available each year to suit your requirements. Please enquire.